7135 Main Street Preservation Foundation, Inc.

Clifton’s Acacia Masonic Lodge meets in a structure built in the 1870’s and originally used as a mill on Pope’s Head Creek. The building was moved to its current location on Clifton’s Main Street in 1920 and has been home to Acacia Lodge ever since. The building has been designated as a contributing structure to the Town of Clifton’s National Historic District by the U.S. Department of the Interior. More information about this historic landmark is available here.

In June 2006, after four days of heavy rains, the lodge building was severely damaged by flood waters. To preserve the building, it was necessary to move the building from its site, install a new foundation, repair beams and floorboards, and move the building back onto its new foundation. At the same time, a ramp for handicapped accessibility was constructed, and a new front porch and steps were installed. The remaining tasks are to construct a new addition on the building’s rear to accommodate two bathrooms on the first floor and an office on the second floor, and complete the restoration of the building’s interior.

Acacia Lodge raised funds for the purpose of renovating the lodge building, but was unable to raise enough from Masonic sources to do the job. Broader outreach was needed, and a public charity was needed to assist in the renovation and preservation of, and bringing new life to, the historic building. For these purposes, The 7135 Main Street Preservation Foundation, Inc., a Virginia nonprofit corporation, was formed in 2007 and has received its IRS approval as a tax exempt public charity. A copy of the IRS determination letter is available here.

The 7135 Main Street Preservation Foundation, Inc. was formed by a group of people interested is repairing, renovating and maintaining Clifton's historic landmark. It solicits contributions from members of the general public, including Masons, and applies those funds exclusively to the costs of assisting in renovating the lodge building as described above. Contributions to The Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes.